5 Effective Acne Products

As a teenager , my skin and I were always at war.I had acne . Im sure most of us has gone through that phase.  I would wake up each day to face a new zit  which was incredibly tramautic as a teenager. I got bullied and questioned a lot on why I was having acne , which is quite strange looking back at it now because it wasn’t like I wanted it to happen to me , to be questioned about it! People are strange.  I was depressed and became very reclusive. I eventually learned to accept my condition and deal with the situation more gently.

Now , I can proudly say that my skin and I are in a good place. I have learned to work with my skin and understand it. If my skin was a person , I would say that we have a deep connection and understanding between us right now. There’s not a single acne cream or product that I havent tried before , not to forget the countlesss visits to various dermatologists. Okay that’s exaggerating a bit but you get the idea ! To be honest , all that worrying and going through tubes  of chemicals  only worsened and irritated my skin more.

I do get a zit or two occasionally these days but nothing like what I’ve had to deal with before. So along with a few  products and a dramatic change in my diet , I completely changed the way my skin looked and felt! I do have scarring  from being irrational sometimes and picking at those occasional zits, apart from that my skin is perfectly calm now ! I’m a believer of putting only natural things on the face but  today I’ll share with you the few acne products that actually work and are effective! They fasten the healing process of the acne and scars. If you’re a teenager or someone who suffers from acne , I truly hope this post helps your skin and saves you a lot of money ! Afterall money doesn’t grow on trees 🌲


  • Helps with cell turnover and flattening the inflammation.
  • Used at night time , 20 mins after cleansing your face.

This product is great ! I came across this cream on the internet after a lot of research and reading. I’ve been using it  since grade 10 and it works like a charm every single time. This is the one product I always go back to when I have a really bad rash or scars to be taken care of.


  •  Gently cleanses your skin without drying it and ripping it off its moisture
  • Perfect to be used with drying acne creams

This cleanser was prescribed to me by the dermatologist and the only thing I still use from what was prescribed. Acne creams are usually aimed at flattening and drying the zit or scar. So your skin peels, revealing new skin underneath. As these creams make your skin dry, its best to use a cleanser as such for a gentle wash. I would not recommend it for removing makeup though. My current skincare routine consists of the oil free cetaphil moisturizer too.


Another great product for scars. It does not help much with the actual zit but it works wonders on scarring. 


This works ! I initially thought it would be a gimmick and probably wouldn’t work but it works ! This is a more recent add to my holy grail acne products. I got this during the time of my wedding , hoping  that this product would stop any sudden zit on my face before the wedding. It worked miraculously, it minimizes the size of the zit without irritating it much or making it appear red. It does not dry the zit too , making it look ugly. I dont know how it works but it is very effective. 


Last but not the least , this product is a life saver ! I was actually reluctant to try this out as there was so much hype around this product and it is always sold out. Also that kylie jenner swears by it! I gave it a try and it has changed my skincare routine completely. I love this product. Occasionally my husband uses it too and he never uses my cosmetics 😂. It works slowly but effectively on those big stubborn zits that pop up overnight and completely destroys the small whiteheads and clogged pores. Best acne product ever !

And that’s it! I hope these products work for you guys like it did for me ! A good diet and these products should be able to get your baby soft skin back.

: These are just my opinions and what worked for me! You know you’re skin best and its upto you to decide what to put on it !

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