Headaches ? Just drink water !

When you begin to feel that tightening sensation in the head, it’s so, so easy to reach for a bottle of pain killers. But, many over the counter drugs have side effects that could even be worse than the headache itself! That is why it is important to consider more natural alternatives instead of looking for a quick and easy fix. Painkillers only cover the symptoms without curing the underlying cause of the pain.

Headaches have afflicted humans for centuries, from ancient Egyptians and Julius Caesar. I started having migraines in high school. It’s been 7 years now, yet I haven’t found a cure for the headaches and I don’t think I ever will.  Yes, there are triggers that if you are aware of, can help preventing them but most of the migraine triggers are something you absolutely cannot avoid for example; excessive sunlight , chocolate ,  music etc. Unless you are a sadistic vampire hiding in the shadows there is no way for a person with a normal lifestyle to avoid such triggers. I mean avoiding chocolate ….C’mon! I won’t last a day without having chocolate…

The Remedy:

 Recent studies have brought into light that those suffering from migraines tend to be more sensitive to dehydration. One of the major causes for headaches is fatigue. Fatigue is a side effect of dehydration so ultimately dehydration is the cause of the headache. You already know the shopping list of reasons why you should be drinking more water — it helps flush out toxins, carries important nutrients to the brain, and makes your skin glow and so on. But it also turns out that drinking water helps prevent headaches.

Water can reduce the severity of headaches and migraines, reducing the need for tablets. From personal experience I’ve noticed a great amount of improvement in the severity of my migraines and also how often I get it. I used to get migraines like every other day and now going a month or two without any headaches is like bliss. I suggest you guys to try out this remedy for your headaches. I mean there is no loss in trying this out! If it doesn’t improve your condition, at least it has many other advantages you can benefit from. You can never go wrong with drinking more water!

I have a headache now…. Voldemort must be close….. 

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