My Banana Leche Pudding

Okay that’s quite a mouthful but a remarkably modest name for this pudding I’m going to tell you about and I came up with it. The story goes like this, I woke up real early (4:30 am) one day and decided I wanted to have banoffe (banana pie) but at the same time I wanted to have tres leche (milk cake) so bad. So I wondered if I could have both at the same time and BOOM this recipe was born. I had made this for a dear friend when she visited me just to test it out and wasn’t so sure about it but she totally loved it! She had been asking the recipe for it since forever but since I created this on my own I did not even have proper measurements or ingredients written down at that time and no pictures of it.

So this weekend, I had finally decided to try it out again, this time for a family lunch. And once again, it got eaten up before I could take proper pictures (I guess that’s a good sign)! I have this uncle who has an aversion to sweets but He loved it so much and went for second helpings! My aunt even said He went as far as chatting about how good it was to her LOL. It was a tremendous hit with the fam.

For a person who doesn’t like bananas much, this is a surprise coming from me. As always, I have added my own magic to it so it isn’t entirely what you would get with a classic banoffe or a tres leche. For this recipe I have used an angel food cake while the classic tres leche requires a sponge cake. Plus I have added some Dulce de leche into the mix and some delicious banana cream.

This pudding is so flavorful but not overtly sweet. It is not a cake by any means. It also has many different textures to it, all working together effortlessly! I would not go as far as saying this pudding is complex, as it is very simple to make but you certainly have different things happening with it. Excuse the images, as I was only able to capture the last slice with my IPhone 8. You can see the empty tray in the background. Do try this recipe out and let me know in the comments below what you think of it!

Recipe for the angel food cake on another blog post. Link below

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