Switzerland 🇨🇭 – The land of gardens and chocolate ! Part 1

I’ve never traveled anywhere before but I was very keen and sure that if I ever do , the first place I would visit would be Switzerland. That’s why when I got married , I made sure that my husband also understands that he has to take me  to Switzerland first ! Now that we are back , I really miss it .

The trip was planned by my mom and husband as a surprise birthday trip. Supposedly they had been planning for months. We left for Switzerland on the 9th of September for a week.We went around 4 different cities during the course of the trip. 

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps.The country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Banking and finance are key industries, and Swiss watches and chocolate are world renowned. It is a land of four languages : Romansh , French , German and Italian.

It was a fairytale place for me !

Day 1 & 2: Lucerne (Friday & Saturday)

I’ve never been on a plane for more than 4 hours so the 6 hour journey was a bit tiring and i ended up really sick the day that we landed. Its kinda scary knowing that my husband is from Australia and I will have to go there someday ! Imagine hours & hours of travelling …ummm..no ! I was really nauseous that day , so we couldn’t go around much. First thoughts , Lucerne is just beautiful. Its a small city with lots of history and culture involved. I love anything to do with historical places , so on my list Lucerne was the best among the ones we visited. Back in time , it was a kingdom surrounded by walls around the entire city. The European style architecture is simply stunning. going from a big city like Dubai to a place with no buildings at all was just relieving. Loved the little houses.

Places to visit :

  • The Lucerne wildlife and geological museum  – Again history , I loved it and spent time taking a million photos in there !

  • Lake Lucerne – A calm and beautiful lake in the middle of the city.

  • Chapel Bridge – It is the oldest wooden bridge in lucerne dating back to the 14th century. When you walk thorough this bridge you will come across the old paintings of the kings  under the roof. It’s probably one of the few bridges that still have such paintings. The bridge is directly across the place where the waters of the lake Lucerne flows in into the River Rheuss.

  • Take a tour downtown


  • We did most of our shopping in lucerne. the stuff from the gift shops and the souvenir shops are rather expensive. That’s why i prefer to buy from the little shops  by the streets. You can purchase the same item as from any gift shop for much cheaper. Lucerne has a lot of such shops and also on Saturday , there were stalls put up for garage sales in the downtown city side. Cheap souvenirs !

  • Keep away from the taxis , they are really expensive. If you can afford the taxis , you may hire them but the buses are really cheap  and you can go around more places. We took various different buses and went around every nook and corner it passed through. You can take a day pass for the buses, it can be used for the entire day, which is really really cheap and much affordable than the taxis. . We went around a lot on the buses and I feel like that is the best way to see the entire city. It is also really easily to find your way in Lucerne and simply walk around. The weather was beautiful ; not too cold ,not too hot. It was just right.
  • Food was a major problem but we were well aware of it before we went there, so took along a few snacks from back home. There are no proper halal restaurants in lucerne. We mostly ate bread and drank a lot of milk products. You definitely have to try the milk in Lucerne ( actually all of Switzerland) , it is the best and freshest milk I’ve ever had in my life. Simply amazing and delicious. The fruits are also so fresh and look so inviting. So in that way , the problem of food was solved.

DAY 3 & 4: INTERLAKEN (Sunday & Monday)

Interlaken had the best scenery among all the cities. The city is located on top of a mountain and situated between mountains. Surrounding Interlaken are three peaks of the alps : Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. You can see the peaks from the city. it is a beautiful sight.

Finding food was a lot easier here. We had a nice halal Indian Pakistani restaurant right next to our hotel. It wasn’t surprising that there were halal places in the city as there were a lot of Arabs over there. You will also find many Iraqi groceries and sheesha bars.

We spent Eid ul Adha in Interlaken , at the top of Europe in Mount Jungfrau. You can visit two famous lakes here; lake Thun and lake Brienz. We were supposed to go on a cruise in Lake Thun but sadly  that never happened.This was my husband’s favorite city.I can understand why 

Places to visit:

  • The lakes – A Must visit.The water is just crystal clear!

  • Harder klum (1380 m above sea level ) – Its a mountain top and you can reach the top through a cable train. The view from the top of the city is just amazing.It is also called the top of Interlaken.

  • Paragliding – You can go paragliding but I was too scared :S
  • Try the chocolates – There are some really good chocolatiers in interlaken. Yes , you do get chocolates anywhere in Switzerland but i found that Interlaken has wider options. We must most of our chocolates from Jungfrau jock mountain.

  • Jungfrau jock ( 3571 m above sea level) – Top of Europe and my first time with snow. It was freezing up there , nothing unusual. You will find a lot of snow sports up on the mountain. We tried the slides , was a lot of fun. There are a lot of places to visit up there itself like the observatory and the lindt factory museum.

  • Lindt Factory – On top of the mountain Jungfrau jock . We bought most of our chocolates here.

Read about the next two cities we visited in the upcoming blog post. I did not include it in this post as it is rather lengthy  by itself. I do not want to bore You. Subscribe to the mailing list so you will be notified when new content is posted.

Until then ,

Au revoir

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