The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

I am so thrilled to be reviewing this palette. I have been playing around with it for weeks now so I can give a thorough review. I think all products that are glorified about so much, don’t usually perform well. Hence I was a little cynical about trying the new Huda beauty desert dusk palette but the gorgeous toppers and purple shades really called out to me.

It is mostly warm toned with a few purple shades but that’s what I love about it, it is flawless for a daytime neutral look and also for a trendy night time look. Not everyone wants to use crazy neon colors or bright shimmery glitters. This palette caters to those of us who are not makeup artists but love makeup. So for those, complaining about the shade range, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


So the palette has 18 shades of four different textures. It holds 8 matte shades, 6 shimmery pearly iridescent shades and 3 dual chrome toppers plus 1 pressed pure glitter.

Desert sand , musk , eden , amber , oud , amethyst, saffron and blazing are mattes. Blood moon , Nefertiti, royal , cashmere, angelic and Turkish Delight are pearly shades while celestial , twilight and retrograde are chrome toppers. Cosmo is the pure glitter shade.

The main constituent in the formula is Mica. Mica is used in quite large proportions as a main filler in many formulations. Micas reflect the light well, giving that lustrous look. It also contains many other color pigments in different proportions.


Let’s have a look at the swatches first.

  • Overall the palette is great! The looks you can create with it is boundless, you just need imagination. Though it has dark shades for deepening a look, I wish it would have had a black. The mattes are not crazily pigmented but that’s why I like them, its seamless for beginners to work with. Do not get me wrong when I say they are not heavily pigmented , you can certainly build it up for a more animated look or leave it as it is for a more wearable look for daytime.
  • The chrome toppers are spectacular! They are my favorite from this palette. The shade retrograde and twilight are so stunning that I have found every excuse to go out just so I can use them. They are sheer for they are just toppers but over another shade, they look blinding.
  • The mattes are creamy smooth and not at all chalky. Some people whined of them being chalky and having a lot of fall out, I experienced no such problem with the mattes except for Eden which had a little bit of fallout compared to the others.
  • The pearly shades are so pigmented and a little goes a long way. No fall out here as well. My least favorite from the entire palette has to be Nefertiti, it’s a beautiful gold but for my warm olive skin tone, it did not do much.
  • The glitter, cosmo is so easy to work with, the trick is to apply it and let it dry for 5 minutes after which it is budge proof. If you plan on using the glitter for your look, I would recommend to do the eye look first and then work on the face, for there is some fallout with the glitter. It is perfectly typical of glitter. I see people using this glitter incorrectly, not letting enough time for it to set and then grumble about it. Just use it the right way and it goes on beautifully.
  • As for those complaining that the shades in the palette are somewhat alike, I’ll let the pictures below do the talking. It swatches and goes on the eye lids otherwise.

Here’s a look I created with the palette, I’m no beauty guru or makeup artist so please don’t beat me for it. It stayed vibrant and fabulous for hours and check out the sparkle! Here I have used Eden as a transition shade , Amber all over the lid , a little bit of Oud to deepen the look and then retrograde in the center.

So there you go, my fair review on the palette, the quality has definitely been stepped up. It now has attractive packaging and a big mirror. I remember swatching the limited edition rose gold palette at Sephora and I did not think much of it but this one is gold. My first product from her brand and I think I’m open to trying more from the brand now.

You can now get the palette at

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the palette and how it worked for you.

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