Very Berry Drink

With time , our body produces free radicals which are harmful as they are unstable and reactive. They react with the molecules in the body to steal their electrons turning the normL molecules into radicals as well. This causes slow but definite damage. The reaction causes :-  1) SKIN : aging , wrinkles and tissue damage , 2) IMMUNITY : cell mutation and immune system dysfunction , heart problems and in most cases even Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The thing about these free radicals is that they are not easy to dodge from or prevent as they can reach you through sunlight , processed food , pollution  and even when you are stressing over something. Also free radicals are naturally produced by our body , so there is no way of completely protecting yourself from these pesky little molecules . You probably would not think of it as much of a problem when your young , but down the road as you grow older , many problems can arise.

That is where the berries come into play , otherwise known as scavengers. Not the cadaver eating kind but the radical demolishing one. Berries contain antioxidants that help your body fight against these free radicals. Sure there are other products with antioxidants like tea , kidney beans , artichoke , coffee , walnuts , broccoli etc but berries have a lot more of them.

Picture from pinterest

A diet rich in berries can help improve your health and your chances of getting that luscious locks and gorgeous skin you have been wanting. Berries are also known to improve age related memory loss . They contain a lot of water content so they can make you feel full quickly which is very helpful when you’re trying to loose weight and help with dehydration in this hot hot weather. I try to include a portion of berries almost everyday . These little juicy fruits are so flexible that they can be consumed in any way and with any other recipe. For example , you can throw in a bunch of berries with your pancakes  or your oatmeal for a healthy breakfast or toss it in some yoghurt for a quick dessert.

My husband likes them as a shake , he calls it his protein shake. It’s important to remember that when your trying to loose weight , it is advisable to have only one serving of berries in any form per day as they do contain sugar apart from the healthy benefits. Below is my altered recipe of my husband’s protein shake.

A bunch of berries ( can be a single variety or assorted)

Some brown sugar to taste (optional) or honey 

Oats ( not the quick or instant ones) – 1/4 cup 

Yoghurt ( I prefer low fat) – 1/2 cup 


  1. Add the yoghurt , oats and washed berries in a blender .
  2. Blend to a thick shake consistency.
  3.  Add a little brown sugar if needed , though I advise against it and some water if too thick. 


  Add in the oats and yoghurt in a blender

Add your berries. I have added raspberries and blueberries.

And brown sugar or honey . Here I have added brown sugar.

Look at that color 😍

So that’s it ladies , give it a try and let me know what you think . It is a easy and quick breakfast recipe containing loads and loads of nutrients . You can mix things up by combining different varieties of berries . THANK YOU 🙂 



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