Little Prince’s first trip to the Zoo!

“His eyes followed the jumping monkeys and clucking chickens , cooing , blowing raspberries and I think he almost clapped with joy too! “

Your first trip to the zoo was nothing short of a magical family experience. We saw different animals , laughed at their silliness and bonded over the beauty of nature.

You fed some goats and we had to keep an eye on you as you were eager to chew on the leaves yourself and see what the deal was about. You also got nibbled at by some naughty lambs. Your favorite was the giraffe, you got to touch it and was very thrilled to be that close to such a majestic animal.

Making a day trip to the zoo is fun – but can easily turn into a nightmare with a baby if you do not plan well.

• Plan Ahead.

• Be prepared for the long walks and weather.

• Pack the diaper bag wisely.

• Bring lots of toys , babies can get very distracted and loose interest easily.

Finally talk, talk to your baby about the animals as much as you can for their little brain is like a sponge soaking in all the information though they might not understand right away! Plus it’s a great bonding experience Xx

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