First trip to Global Village – 1

Ah ! Good old Global Village, we’ve been here plenty of times before but this time it was special as it was the very first time for little prince. The first time I ever visited global village was back in 2003 and things were very very different back then. Much has changed and all for good.

I was very hesitant to take the little one , as I was worried about how I’d feed him outside (exclusively breastfed) , would there be seats for me and how he was going to take to being a crowded loud area with flashing bright lights.

Little prince got his own Balloon

Al Hamdulillah for me , He was very well behaved and gave me an easy time.

Was there anything new at Global Village? No not really! Same decor , pavilions and the exact same products. There were a few changes like they had replaced those steep bridges with flat ones which made pushing the stroller over the bridge a lot easy and there were a few new food stalls as well.

Easier Bridges

We were only able to visit half the no of pavilions there. We had a look at Iran, Morocco , Yemen , India , China , Egypt and Africa.


Highlights : spices , saffron , art and honey


Highlights: Food , Jewelry and clothes


Highlights: Jewelry ( gold and artificial) , cotton bedding and dress material, party clothes , handmade products , toys and slippers.


Highlights: Toys , dolls , makeup , hair accessories , home decor and jewelry


The African pavilion is always one with great energy and vibes. Lots of dancing and music. So much fun than the other pavilions.

Highlights: Wooden handmade products, handmade cutlery, wooden toys , decor , natural shea butter and cocoa butters


Highlights: Traditional clothing , home decor , Ancient decor , cutlery and art


We go to Global Village every year mainly for the Churros and dynamite Shrimp.

Overall the little prince loved it ! He did not sleep a wink and was mesmerized by the lights and music the entire time. He wasn’t even hungry all that much as he was too busy looking around. The weather was beautiful and a tad bit cold , so I was glad we had him dressed appropriately from head to toe. Wouldn’t want him to catch a nasty cold as this is the season for it.

Some things to keep in mind when taking a toddler or baby on such a trip :

  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Take lots of toys and snacks to keep them distracted while you are shopping.
  • Don’t forget to take a stroller or a carrier , you will have to take long walks and it wont be easy while carrying a baby. If they can walk , their little legs are sure to give up soon.
  • Take plenty of water bottles for the both of you, while you can buy it over there , it isn’t feasible!
  • Take cash ( loose change preferably ) with you as not all shops accept credit or debit cards.

We will be going back soon to cover the remaining pavilions !

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