Your Relationship changes for the better after a baby !

Things changed in our relationship after we had our baby. Our lazy weekends and date nights are now the stuff of legends.

It’s true that two people truly become one through a baby but there were other times, we’d barely exchange a word beyond logistical matters such as “Where did you put the wipes?” “Can you get me a diaper?” “Why didn’t you cut his nails? he scratched me !

Both reeling from zigzagging hormones, deranged from sleep deprivation, and dazed by the bizarre amount of laundry that one tiny being can generate haha , we learnt it’s normal to fight. It’s even normal to fight bitterly.

That doesn’t mean the love and warmth you once had magically disappears . It just gets morphed into other ways.

Yes there are no knock me off my feet romantic gestures , fancy dinners or spontaneous trips or long drives…..

But There’s love in how he arranges the diapers so it’s easier for me to get them.

There’s love in how he puts my clothes back into the cupboard so that’s one task off my never ending list.

There’s love in how he keeps bringing me food and water so I don’t starve myself.

There’s love in how he tries to hold my hand when pushing the pram with the other.

There’s love in that neck rub after a long tiring day.

And there’s love when we all play together at the end of the day and we get to share lil prince’s giggles and attention!

No over the board gestures , just simple little things.

Yes your relationship does change after a baby.

But having our baby has only made us better individually and together.

There’s more empathy , compassion and patience.

We would not have it any other way 💕

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