How to Staycation with a little one

Lil prince is almost 6 months and we’ve finally decided it’s the right time to take him exploring. We are going to stay at The Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah.

The last time we stayed away from home was at my cousins place when he was about 4 months old. He brought the house down , refusing to sleep during the day and fussing to sleep at night as well. And as a first time mom , I was exhausted and helpless ! That’s when I decided, he isn’t going anywhere until he’s a bit older.

Babies are very apprehensive to the surroundings around them. Put them in a new situation with new people, new sounds , and they can be anything from scared , cautious to just plain curious. Not their fault , thats just how babies function which is mostly adorable but not something you want when your looking for some relaxation.

So here are some tips for packing your bags appropriately and some tips on how you can make your hotel room as good as home.


Call ahead to ask about the situation.

Unfortunately some babies are so attached to their cribs that they wont sleep anywhere else. Most hotels are very family friendly and will mostly have a crib that they can offer to you. Call before your visit to make such arrangements.

  • Carry blankets or pillows to make your baby feel just at home

As babies are very smart and they have great observation skills , its best to carry something familiar with them to the new place. Something from their crib or a toy that they often play with. This is just to give them a sense of security.

  • Baby proof your hotel room

If you have a little crawler or a toddler, carry some duct tape with you , to temporarily close unused sockets or to tape sharp edges. You do not want an emergency happening while you are on vacation.

Push aside furniture that might get in their way.

Put away any furniture thats near a window or any hazardous situation!


  • Calculate calculate them diapers !

One mistake we usually make is miscalculating the number of diapers to take on the trip. Always carry extras in case of an emergency or if they poop more than usual.

Plus if you plan on taking them swimming, carry swimming diapers apart from your regular ones.

  • Carry fever or allergy medicines

Never ever forget to take these with you ! Babies have a knack of falling sick while on the move. It could be the different weather , too much time in the pool or just about anything else so ALWAYS be prepared.

Carry a nasal spray and a chest rub too.



  • Mosquito or insect repellents

These are very important, even if you think there wont be any such problems at the place your going.

I like to carry some tea tree balm or some eucalyptus oil. If the tea tree balm is baby friendly, go ahead rub it on them. Or else both these products are not to be rubbed on the baby directly so put it on the blankets, bedding , somewhere on the cot or pillows.

It helps them to sleep better as well. I use the tea tree rub from four cow farm. You can find it here

  • Carry their own baby washes , cream and toothpaste

You may think , you can use the one available at the hotel bathrooms but most of the time , it is not suitable for sensitive baby skin so always carry your own products

  • Don’t forget the socks and bibs

Always carry extra bibs and pairs of sock

  • Teethers or pacifiers

If you have a teething baby , don’t forget to carry some cooling teethers with you.

We don’t use pacifiers but if you use them , take them along.

Mine is from

  • A nursing cover

If your baby is exclusively breastfed, then you might want to carry a nursing cover with you unless you want to be running around to find a suitable spot to feed them. Such a hassle and mood kill that would be !

I have the LOVE BY JO one from

  • Finally pack lots of toys Lots and lots of them please! And if they have a supervised baby or toddler play area at your hotel , take them there !

And lastly Not everything goes according to plan!As any one who’s ever traveled with a baby knows, even the simplest of tasks can become difficult, and the best laid-out plans can often go awry. So take it in your stride and enjoying this bonding experience with your family.

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